Top Signs And Treatment Of Achilles Tendon Tear

The Achilles tendon represents the common tendon attachment of three muscles from the leg to the heel bone of the foot. Due to sudden injury, as in running or jumping, the tendon may get torn causing pain.


Patients often report the sudden onset of pain in the calf, accompanies with hearing or feeling a pop. The pain usually subsides gradually but swelling and bruising follow. Patients also experience pain and weakness with attempted walking or pressing the foot.


Achilles tendon tears treatment depends on the age, health, activity level of the patient and severity of injury.

For older, less active patients, non-surgical treatment is recommended. This is also the case with patients with partial tears in less than 50% of the tendon thickness. Non-surgical treatment includes icing, anti-inflammatory medications, casting, activity modification, physical therapy, and a gradual return to activities.

On the other hand, for active, healthy patients with complete or large tendon tears, surgical treatment is recommended. Surgery is ideally performed within 2 weeks from the date of the initial injury. This is done to prevent scarring of the tendon and muscle. If that occurs, it can shorten and make reattachment to its original position more difficult. Surgery repairs the torn tendon edges back to each other with stitches.

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