Knee Arthritis – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments in Phoenix

The knee joint is composed of the kneecap (patella), thigh bone (femur), and shin bone (tibia). The ends of these bones are covered by a smooth tissue called articular cartilage that allows these bones to glide smoothly over each other during motion.

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which this articular cartilage wears away. This is typically the result of gradual wear and tear due to aging, injuries or surgeries. Apart from the loss of cartilage, bone spurs often develop in the bones of the knee joint, in patients with knee arthritis.


Knee Arthritis Symptoms

Patients with arthritis of the knee typically report pain throughout the knee. The pain becomes worse with weight-bearing activities like walking or prolonged standing. This can be accompanied with swelling and/or a grinding sensation with knee movement. As the arthritis progresses, a loss of range of motion in the knee is experienced. Some patients also report an increase in pain as weather changes.

Knee Arthritis Diagnosis

The diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee is made using the patient’s history, physical examination, and X-Rays.

Knee Arthritis Treatments

Knee arthritis treatments in Phoenix depend upon the extent of arthritis and the severity of the symptoms. Initially conservative treatment methods are recommended. These may include activity modification, weight loss for overweight patients, assistive devices like braces, nutritional supplements, and anti-inflammatory medications.

If the above treatments fail to relieve the symptoms, steroid or viscosupplementation injections into the knee may be attempted. If the injections are not successful, knee replacement surgery is recommended, in which the arthritic ends of the bones are cut away and replaced by metal and plastic components.

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