PRP Therapy for Pain Relief

PRP treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy utilizes the blood’s natural healing properties to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, or even bone.

When treating arthritis with PRP or platelet-rich plasma, the doctor injects PRP directly into the affected joint.

The goal of PRP therapy at top pain clinics, such as Phoenix Shoulder and Knee Clinic, is to –

  • reduce pain
  • improve joint function
  • slow down or even repair damage to cartilage

Platelet-rich plasma is often derived from a sample of the patient’s own blood. The injections contain plasma with a higher concentration of platelets than is found in normal blood. This PRP can then be injected directly into the site of an injury in an effort to stimulate a powerful healing response. By enhancing the body’s natural healing capacity, PRP injections can result in faster, more efficient and thorough restoration of the tissues to a healthy state.

PRP therapy been used successfully in the following conditions –

  • Patellar tendonitis/tendinosis
  • Quadriceps muscle injuries
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Rotator Cuff tendonitis, tendonopathy or partial tears
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Medial and Lateral epicondylitis of the elbow (golfers & tennis elbow)
  • Ulnar Collateral Ligament sprain or tear
  • Achilles tendonitis or partial tears

As more research with PRP is performed, this list is likely to expand to include numerous other orthopedic conditions.

To know more about PRP therapy in Phoenix, call Phoenix Shoulder and Knee clinic at 480-219-3342. Dr. Adam Farber is a Board certified, Fellowship trained and an experienced shoulder and knee surgeon who offers state of the art PRP treatment in Phoenix AZ.


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