Signs that you are suffering from a Sports-Related Shoulder Injury

When your shoulder is causing you great pain, you want the safest and the most effective procedure to heal it. But an accurate diagnosis is as important as the treatment itself.

Here is a look at different shoulder injuries that can vary in severity.

Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear is often caused in throwing and racket sports. The symptoms appear when one or more of the four rotator cuff muscles are strained or torn.

Common symptoms are gradually worsening shoulder pain. The pain is often worse with certain movements, including reaching overhead, reaching behind the back, and lifting objects away from the body.

Dislocated Shoulder

Falls or intense impact can bring about this excruciating injury. During the actual dislocation episode, the patient usually experiences severe pain. Often there is an obvious deformity of the shoulder region.

Patients may notice numbness and tingling in parts of their hand or shoulder after a shoulder dislocation.

AC Joint Separation

AC Joint separation is a painful sprain to the acromioclavicular joint on the top of the shoulder. It is caused from falling over an outstretched arm. Football players and cyclists who fall over the handlebars are often subject to AC separations.

Pains with arm movement, swelling and popping sounds with movement are common signs of AC separation.

Labral Tear

The labrum is a fibrous band of tissue that connects to the outer part of the shoulder blade’s socket. Intense impact and motion can result in a labral tear.

Shoulder pain that may be in the front of the shoulder, deep within the shoulder, or in the back of the shoulder is a common sign. The pain often worsens with overhead arm activities or throwing.

If you feel any of these or other injuries are adversely affecting your life, set up a consultation with the leading orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix, at Phoenix Shoulder and Knee clinic at 480-219-3342. Dr. Adam Farber is a Board certified, Fellowship trained and an experienced knee surgeon in Phoenix AZ. He has a particular interest in sports injuries and treatments.


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