3 Reasons you need a Brace for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the painful inflammation of the tendon at the outer border of the elbow due to overuse of lower arm muscles, such as in hand twisting. An elbow brace is often recommended to allow quicker healing while undergoing treatment.

Has your doctor recommended an elbow brace? You may be wondering why you need an elbow brace. Here are three reasons why wearing an elbow brace is important.

Pain Relief

Tight muscle tension can produce much pain in cases of tennis elbow. Bracing can relieve that pain. When your muscles aren’t under stress, they get the much required rest which brings pain relief. The brace keeps the elbow free from any unwanted movement which also allows it to rest.

Stop Further Injury

An elbow brace gives a cushioning effect at end range to stop the bones from “slamming” together. This reduces forces on the elbow that can cause further inflammation, pain and swelling.

Injury Prevention

Most people look for pain treatment after an injury has occurred. But an elbow brace can help you prevent the injury before it actually happens. If you are involved in actions with repetitive overload on your forearm muscles, an elbow brace can be a great preventative measure.

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